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Smiley y La Fuerza Musical - Puro Fuerza

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Hacienda Records presents the brand new CD compilation by “Smiley Y La Fuerza Musical” entitled “Puro Fuerza”.  This CD features Smiley and his band members not only as skilled musicians, but as talented songwriters as well.   Most of the Smiley compositions are true life war stories (corridos) inspired by Smiley’s real experiences during his service to our country as Gunnery Sergeant.  Also features is a corridor documenting in song the true story of Refugio, Texas police chief Andres Lopez Jr. and his heroic crime fighting battles.
The group Smiley Y La Fuerza Musical, is comprised of seasoned musicians including Bajo Sexto player “Luz Garza” who over the years has played Bajo Sexto for “Flaco Jimenez”, “Mingo Saldivar” and many others.
Since the formation of “Smiley Y La Fuerza Musical almost six years ago, they continue to perform weekly around South Texas, and have opened for such talents as “Alfredo Del La Rosa”, “Mando Y La Venganza” and many others.
Highlights from this traditional Conjunto CD include “Ano De Mil Novecientos” “Corrido De Jose Anzaldua” “Un Caso Perdido” and many more.


Track Listing:

1. Ano De Mil Novecientos

2. Corrido de Andres Lopez Jr.

3. Vaciladora

4. El Avion Noventa y Tres

5. Corrido de Jose Anzaldua

6. La Guerra de Iraq

7. Un Caso Perdido

8. Los Cuatro Millones

9. Buscare Mi Destino

10. La Cocho


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