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Rescate Del Norte - Si Tu Quisieras

Stock #: HAC 8358

Hacienda Records presents the Conjunto Norteno sounds of “Rescate Del Norte” with their new CD entitled “Si Tu Quisieras”.  Led by lead singer/composer Pasqual Rodriguez, the group has been together for 10 years, performing around the West Texas area as well as Guanajuato, Mexico, where they have a large fan following.  “Rescate Del Norte” has recorded for various regional labels in the past, however this is their first release on Hacienda Records.  Their music consists of rancheras, cumbias, corridos and valzciadas all performed in the classic traditional Conjunto Norteno style.

The group continues to perform on a weekly basis and had shared the stage with such artists as: Los Terribles Del Norte, Los Carnales de Nuevo Leon and others. 


Track Listing

1. Derrumbes

2. Si Tu Quisieras

3. Soné Contigo

4. El Rey De Los Jaripeos

5. Poquito A Poco

6. Si Tu Te Vas

7. Mini Lady

8. Caminos De Guanajuato

9. Te Traigo Estas Flores

10. No Me Desprecies

11. El Perfume De Tu Cuerpo

12. Quiero Cantarle A Mi Madre


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