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Rene Rodriguez y Los Chukos De Zaz y Zaz - Lo Mejor De El Mero Chuko

Stock #: HAC 8390


If there were ever an individual with a unique style and sound, it would be Rene Rodriguez of Los Chukos de Zaz Y Zaz.

From their origins in the late 70’s, Rene Rodriguez and his group have continued to be one of the most entertaining artists in all of Conjunto music. 

Their blend of pachuko phrases mixed with progressive cumbia and ranchera beats make their music extremely exciting as the crowd never knows what to expect next.  

Hacienda Records has enjoyed a successful series of albums with “Rene Rodriguez Y Los Chukos de Zaz Y Zaz” for over twenty years.  This digitally re-mastered CD compilation represents all the best from years past.  In addition, this CD also features all original compositions by “El Mero Chuko” himself, Rene Rodriguez. 

Creating a sound from deep in the heart of the barrio, this group performs with all the intensity and emotion one would expect from the Latino Low-Rider culture.  This CD features an abundance of ‘Chuko Style’ creativity.  “El Firi Firi Loco”, “La Pachukita”, “Puro Fonzo”, and so many more are all perfect examples of the originality of this gifted songwriter & musician. 

If you love Puro Conjunto music along with some lyrical amusement, this CD is defiantly for you.


Track Listing

  1. El Firi Firi Loco
  2. La Chuka
  3. Tu No Quires Comprender
  4. La Pachukita
  5. Menos Widi Y Mad Firi
  6. Amor Para Siempre
  7. Your Old Lady
  8. Puro Fonazo
  9. Un Gran Amor
  10. Cumbia Comanchera


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