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Raulito Navaira Y Remedio - Siempre Cantando

Stock# HAC-8431

Hacienda Records is proud to welcome Raulito Navaira Y Remedio to it’s musical family.  This first Raulito/Hacienda collaboration is called “Siempre Cantando”.  Hot off the press, this high powered 10 song CD features all original compositions by Remedio group members and children of Railito Navaria; Rodrigo & Destiny Navaria.

Raulito Navaira, who for years sang harmonies along side his brother Emilio, has now branched out into his own front man spotlight.  As an entertainer, Television personality and product spokesperson, Navaira maintains one of the busiest performance schedules in the Tejano music business.  Recently joined by his now adult children, Rodrigo and Destiny, Raulito Y Remedio have a musical bond that can only be established by a heritage filled with music

 Embracing Tejano music as only veterans can, Raulito Y Remedio bring the best in Tejano and progressive Conjunto to venues and dancehalls on a weekly basis.  Their sound is a combination of accordion and keyboards complimented with a backline of strong drums, guitar, bass and percussion.  The icing on the cake is the beautiful combinations of lead and harmony vocals shared by Raulito, Rodrigo & Destiny.

Truly a winning combination of talents, Raulito Y Remedio will always be “Siempre Cantando”

Other highlights on this Hacienda debut release features rancheras and cumbias, including:  Mi Vida, Nunca Te Voy, Dame Dime and many others.

Song List:

  1. Siempre Cantando 
  2. Amándote 
  3. Mi Vida 
  4. En Mis Brazos 
  5. No Me Pidas Perdón 
  6. Nunca Me Voy 
  7. Volverá 
  8. Lo Que Hicimos Juntos 
  9. Dame Dime 
  10. Siempre Cantando (Extended Mix) 


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