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N Faith - Firmes en la tormenta

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  The band, N FAITH was formed in 2003 by Juan “JJ” Lopez. After losing everything he had. His business, his house, JJ found relief in God. Putting his complete trust and faith in Jesus, this pushed him to pursue and lift up this “ministry” we know today as the band, N FAITH.

N FAITH, is a Christian Tejano band based out of San Angelo, TX. The sole purpose for this band, is to spread Love, and give Hope to those that need it the most. With an encouraging message, captivating rhythm, and a powerful, yet energetic set list, this band reaches people that are homeless, people that are suicidal and alone, and those that are in need of the Lord, every night they perform.

Track list:

  1. El Vive 
  2. Todo Lo Que soy                        
  3. Firme En La Tormenta             
  4. Hoy Te Alabo                               
  5. Tu Eres Para Mi                         
  6. Te Pido                                        
  7. No Hay Mas Dolor                     
  8. Levanto Mis Manos                   
  9. Entrego Mi Vida                          
  10. Tu Gloria                                       



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