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 Amor Perfecto” reaches new heights of energy with Michelle’s vocal talent, endearing charm and the musical expression.

This Exciting CD, produced by Michelle & Co-produced by Roger Peña, contains a dynamic original Grupo sound that is flavored with Rhythmic Cumbias.

At the peak of Michelle’s international career, she moved to Mexico City and became the first Texas Latina to sign a worldwide contract with Discos CBS International who released the album “Algo Para Recordar” which charted high on all the Spanish International stations, especially in Mexico City.  Michelle toured in Mexico (where she was known as “La Voz de Cañon”), U.S. and other countries performing with such notables as Emmanuel, Chayanne, Antonio De Jesus and Pandora.  Similarly, Michelle appeared on many TV shows such as “Sabado Gigante”, “Estrellas de las Noventas” and “The Johnny Canales Show” just to name a few.  

This CD “Amor Perfecto”, showcases the youth and energy of Michelle. If you love danceable music filled with hi-powered rhythms, this CD is definitely for you.


Track Listing

1. Amor Perfecto

2. Dame Todo Tu Amor

3. Llamame

4. Libertad

5. Los Besos No Se Dan En La Camisa

6. Mi Corazon De Hielo

7. Enamorado Del Amor

8. Quiereme

9. Se Me Olvido Otra Vez

10. Yo Voy Estar Aqui

11. Libertad (Country/Cajun Mix)



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