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Magnifico 7 | Solo En La Lluvia

  From the “small” town of Gonzalez, Texas, comes the “big” sound of Magnifico 7.  Each band member has years of musical experience and although together as a group for only a short time, Magnifico 7 can hold their own at any concert or public appearance..

Magnifico 7’s debut CD entitled “Solo En La Lluvia” has been one of the most anticipated releases in the Tejano music circuit.  The wait is over, the album is here!  The majority of the songs on this CD are original compositions by group members themselves and performed in the Tejano tradition, complete with keyboards and horn instrumentation.  Produced by Grammy Award winner, Robert Ybarra, this CD features Tejano rancheras as well as rhythmic up-tempo cumbias.  Highlight from this dynamite CD include “Cada Vez” “Quiero Besarte” and of course the title song “Solo En La Lluvia”.  

           Song List                                                                                                                                                                                                
  1. La Enorme Distancia          3:20     ranchera
  2. Era Una Feria                     3:16     cumbia
  3. Regresa A Mi                      3:28     ranchera
  4. Quiero Besarte                   3:19     cumbia
  5. Labios Perdidos                 2:59     ranchera
  6. Hoy Me Platicaron             3:20     cumbia
  7. Solo En La Lluvia               3:05     ranchera
  8. Cada Vez                            3:15     cumbia
  9. La Verdad                           3:10     ranchera
  10. Que Te Vaya Bonito           2:58     ranchera


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