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Luminaria - Caminos Nuevos

Stock #: HAC 8371

LUMINARIA, simply known as Luminaria, is a Regional Mexicana band from San Antonio, Texas specializing in Tejano music. Founded in the Fall of 2013 by it’s lead singer, Felipe Ramirez, Sr. and his son, Felipe Ramírez Jr. the father and son duo has helped bring together the mixture of the old-school of Mexicana and Tejano music to form the new sound of Luminaria; along with a mixed blend of rancheras and ballads and old-time boleros, Luminaria is setting the stage for the new form of music to come…Norteño Light. This new blend with the authentic Tex-Mex sound of Tejano, as well as the Mexicana blend of rancheras and cumbias is music Luminaria is introducing to new audiences.

Track Listing:

1. Mujer Traicionera 2:51
2. Nunca Pensé 3:57
3. No 3:14
4. Golpes En El Corazón 3:15
5. Dime 3:26
6. Quiero Saber De Ti 3:07
7. La De La Calle 4:13
8. Si Tu Bien Sabes 3:10
9. Lastima De Corazón 3:35
10.Te Voy A Dar 4:21


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