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Luis Juarez - El Gallero De Guanajuato

Stock# HAC-8429

Hacienda Records presents the Regional-Mexicana/Norteno sounds of Luis Juarez, with his debut Hacienda CD entitled “El Gallero De Guanajuato”.  Born in 1969 in a small town near Veracruz, Mexico, Louis Juarez began playing guitar at the age of 6 and by the age of 14, he was composing his own songs. His storytelling skills and his melodic musical abilities have enabled him to compose all the songs on this album. 

Relocating to the Unites States in 1985, Luis Juarez formed his backing group “Los Vagabundos” with his brothers and other musician friends.  Currently he is band are recording and performing in the South Texas region as well as Northern Mexico under his natural name “Luis Juarez”. Highlights from this album include: “Viva Mi Nacion Azteca” “Ayer Que Cruse El Rio Bravo” and many more, including the title track.


Song List

  1. El Gallero De Guanajuato                           
  1. Ayer Que Cruce El Rio Bravo
  2. Jornalero De Mi Tierra
  3. La Fuega Del Chapo Guzmán 
  4. Vuelve A Mi Ven Otra Vez 
  5. Viva Mi Nación Azteca 
  6. Guapango Jarocho 
  7. Nunca Hay Pedo Solo Es Gas 
  8. El Ranchero Country 
  9. Padre Juguetón 


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