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Los Volcanes de Eddie Rodriguez - Long Over Due

Stock #: HAC 8442

Named after the legendary Mt. St. Helen’s volcano in Washington State, comes Los Volcanes de Eddie Rodriguez.  The band currently resides in Seattle, Wa., however band leader Eddie Rodriguez quickly points their roots are “South Texa – Conjunto “.  Together as a band for several decades, Los Volcanes de Eddie Rodriguez have become known as the goodwill ambassadors of Conjunto music in territories where “Conjunto” music is seldom heard, including a CBS national television appearance with Neil Diamond at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. 

Here in their home State of Texas, the band also is constantly recognized in award shows such as The Tejano Music Awards, where Sean Rodriguez (the group drummer) was awarded percussionist of the year.  As well as the South Texas Conjunto Association, where the band won single of the year with one of their hit songs entitled “Llorando A Solas”

This brand new Hacienda CD is entitled “ Long Overdue”  and features Los Volcanes at their very best.  Highlights incluse “Quisiera Ser”  “Amor A Primera Vista” “Estoy Enamorada De Ti” and many more.


Track Listing

1. Quisiera Ser

2. Amor A Primera Vista

3. Pedazo De Carino

4. Estoy Enamorado De Ti

5. El Perdido

6. Consuelame Morena

7. Fue Tan Poco Tu Carino

8. Hija De La Perdicion

9. Juana

10. Si Estas Durmiendo


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