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Los Nuevos Campeones - Sabes Que Te Quiero

Stock #: HAC 8406

Hacienda Records presents the brand new CD by “Los Nuevos Campeones de Ramiro Gonzalez” entitled “Sabes Que Te Quiiero”.  This CD follows the same “Campeones” tradition that has been a South Texas Conjunto trademark for almost 40 years.   Band Leader, Bajo Sexto player/vocalist and composer Ramiro Gonzalez, who composes a good portion of their music, wrote many of the songs on this CD.  The music of Los Nuevos Campeones contains rancheras, cumbias and boleros all performed in traditional Conjunto fashion. 

Los Nuevos Campeones continue to tour South Texas, performing several times weekly to crowds of Conjunto fans of all ages and were recently awarded local Conjunto of the Year at the South Texas Music Awards held in Corpus Christi in mid 2012.  Highlights from this CD include “Borracho Me Encuentro” “Tres Diaz” “Mi Linda Hijita”and many more, including a special tribute to fellow musician and mentor “Lupito Banda” who passed away suddenly after many years in the music business.


Track Listing:

1. Borracho Me Encuentro

2. Un Cachito

3. Tres Diaz

4. Sabes Que Te Quiero

5. Se MeFue Mi Amorcito

6. El Pajaro Gigante

7. Borracho Perdido

8. Hierba Mala

9. Las Campeones Cumbia

10. Mi Linda Hijita


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