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Los Monarcas de Pete Y Mario Diaz - Malas Calles

Stock# HAC 8454

Los Monarcas continue their legendary tradition of Conjunto excellence with their brand new CD entitled “Malas Calles”

Originally formed in 1966, by Pete Diaz Sr., Los Monarcas have always been a family based group since day one.  They have recorded for such labels as CBS, EMI, Cara and have recorded over 15 albums for Hacienda Records.  Today’s lineup of Los Monarcas consists of Pete Diaz Jr., Mario Diaz, Mario Diaz Jr., and Rey Arizmendez.     The group has appeared on numerous Latino TV shows including “The Johnny Canales Show” “Aqui Rogelio” “Domingo-Live” and others. They are former Conjunto of the Year Award winners presented by the South Texas Conjunto Association.

Los Monarcas perform on a weekly basis throughout the Unites States and Mexico

This CD is filled with traditional Conjunto rancheras, a cumbia, bolero and a polka to round out the high powered package of songs.  Highlights include:  Tu Solo Tu, La Cama De Piedra, El Cisne and title song “Malas Calles” composed by Pete Diaz Jr.

Tack List:

1. Tu Solo Tu

2. El Cisne 

3. La Cama De Piedra

4. Chiquitita

5. Nuestro Gran Amor

6. Malas Calles

7. SI Te Arrepientes

8. La Embarcación 

9. Ven

10. Primera Polka


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