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Los Marceles - Viva San Anto

Stock# 8415

Hacienda Records proudly presents the latest CD entitled “Viva San Anto” by a pair of talented musicians who call themselves “Los Marceles”.

Brothers Marcial & Val Chapa have cultivated their unique sound using all the valuable knowledge of music and the business of music as taught to them by their father Marcial Chapa Sr., who was an accomplished musician.

Hailing from the West Texas area and performing on a regular basis to enthusiastic fans.  Los Marceles’ music consists of Regional Mexican rancheras and heavily percussive cumbias.   They have shared the stage with such talents as Michael Salgado, Los Palominos and many others.

All songs on this CD are original works by brothers Marcial and Val Chapa, with highlights that include: “Cumbia Barbacoa Time”, “Como Sin Nada” and many more as well as the title song “Viva San Anto”.

   Track Listing:

  1. Viva San Anto 2:33              
  2. Mi Amigo Jeremiah 2:55                       
  3. No Se Pudo Mas 2:36                        
  4. No Le Busques Al Chicharon 3:23                       
  5. Media Botella 3:42                        
  6. Cumbia Barbacoa Time 3:31                       
  7. La Llave De Mi Corazón 3:21                       
  8. Como Sin Nada 3:22                      
  9. Besitos De Cerveza 3:20                     
  10. Ojitos Cafés 2:46      


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