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Los Dos Gilbertos - Maldito Destino

Stock # HAC 8381

Hacienda Records proudly presents the brand new CD by Los Dos Gilbertos, entitled “Maldito Destino”.  This album contains 12 brand new songs by Los Dos Gilbertos.  Known for their signature vocal harmonies and unmistakable accordion style, the music of Los Dos Gilbertos has stood the test of time and the group continues to be as in demand today as they were when they formed in the mid 1970’s.

Led by Gilberto Garcia Sr., on vocals and accordion, who along with key member Ruben Garza on Bajo Sexto and vocals make up the famous Dos Gilberto sound.  The group continues to win awards and gain new fans, as they travel throuout the United States, proving without a doubt that “Los Dos Gilbertos” are the true icon of Conjunto. Highlights from this CD include “Por Favor Comprende” “Caminitos De Rieles” “Flor De Capomo” and many more including the title song “Maldito Destino”.    


Track Listing

1. Maldito Destino

2. Por Favor Comprende

3. Caminitos De Rieles

4. Las Llaves De Mi Alma

5. Flor De Capomo

6. Paloma Sin Nido

7. Oye Corazon

8. China De Ojos Negros

9. Mil Abrazos

10. Flor De Dalia

11. Promero Se Seca El Mar

12. Bailando En Corpus


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