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Hacienda Records presents the much anticipated album by a group called “La Kreazion”   This group is lead by two brothers Frank & John Eguia.  It began in the West Side of Corpus Christi, when as youngsters they would play rhythms on pot and pans to create drum sounds and sing musical melodies they would make up.  As they grew into young adulthood, they found other musical “brothers” who shared the same enthusiasm of music and created what would later become known as “La KreaZion” (the creation).    Their music is different and has an entertaining style loved by old and new generations of Tejano Music fans. 

The group currently performs throughout the South Texas area, and are always well received by enthusiastic fans, both young and old.

This CD, simply entitled “La KreaZion”, contains all original music composed by members of this very talented family.  Cumbia, Rancheras, Baladas, & Boleros, they do it all.   Highlights include:  “Pajaro Sin Nido”, “Mal Tratado”, “Acercate Amor” and many more progressive Conjunto songs.  Be on the lookout for a new musical creation “La KreaZion”.


Track Listing

1. Pajaro Sin Nido

2. Mal Tratado

3. Mi Gran Amor

4. Te Quiero A ti

5. We Will Be

6. Esta Vez

7. Acercate Amor

8. Mi Cuartito y Yo

9. Lo Mas Bonito

10. Ay Corazon



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