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Jerry & The Ruf-Nex | Back In The Saddle

Stock#: HAC 8441

Jerry Pena and his group, Jerry & The Ruf-Nex, are very much a product of their South Texas Roots.  They are also all about merging the two cultures they love so much, Country Music and Tejano/Conjunto Music.  In addition to straight ahead Country Music, the group also features the accordion and Conjunto Style Rhythms accompanied by Jerry Pena’s lead vocals in both languages.                            

The group has been together since the 1980’s and have previously released 3 albums on Hacienda Records and in keeping with the old saying “All Good Things Eventually Come Full Circle” Hacienda Records is proud to welcome back Jerry & The Ruf-Nex with their brand new album “Back In The Saddle”.  Many of the songs are original compositions composed by band members and including their award winning producer Robert Ybarra.

Highlights include toe tapping melodies such as “Tejanita” “It’s All Over Now” “Baila Conmigo”


Track Listing

1. Tejanita

2. Ella Es Mi Angel

3. Breakup Then Makeup

4. North Of The Border

5. It's All Over Now

6. Baila Conmigo

7. Just Don't Say Goodbye

8. She's My Little Angel

9. Goodbye

10. Olivia


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