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Impozzible | No Nos Quieren Corazon

Stock#: HAC 8388

 Hacienda Records proudly presents the brand new CD by Impozzible entitled “No Nos Quieren Corazon”

Impozzible began as a Houston Conjunto in 1998, led by two brothers Robert and Lawrence Torres along with their father Carlos Torres Sr. who now acts as manager and M.C. for the band. 

Robert (accordion, vocals) and Lawrence (bajo, vocals) have natural musical talents and along with Jimmy Morin (bass) and Danny Martinez (drums), make up the solid hard driving Conjunto beat the group has become known for.  Their musical roots are full of experience and hard work as all members of the band have performed with such groups as David De Anda, Zuave, La Traizion, and Boni y Los Maximos and others.  All performers in IMPOZZIBLE are also knowledgeable musicians and able to play other instruments as well as their own.  Currently Impozzible is on fire entertaining large crowds at venues across Texas.  They are making a sold mark in Conjunto history and this new CD is a great demonstration as to why this group is in such high demand. From hard driving rancheras to boleros, polkas and even a touch country, this CD has it all.  Highlights include:  “Corazon Malo”,  “Botella Evenenada”, “Que Suerte La Mia” and the title song “No Nos Quieren Corazon”.



Track Listing

1. Corazon Malo

2. Ella

3. No Nos Quieren Corazon

4. Botella Envenenada

5. No Pienses Mal

6. Ojala

7. Un Desengaño

8. Que Suerte La Mia

9. Impozzible Polka

10. Drivin' My Life Away


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