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Tony De La Rosa - Lo Mejor De Tony De La Rosa

Stock #: HAC 8403

Hacienda Records proudly presents one of Conjunto music most beloved legends, Tony De La Rosa, with a CD compilation that highlights his most creative and cherished musical works.

Tony De La Rosa, a true innovator, is credited with taking the early forms of Conjunto music and transforming it into what it is today.  His accomplishments in the studio are impressive; he developed a keen sense for mixing and recording music as is evident in his string of hits spanning over five decades.  This compilation highlights his classic favorites such as “Mejor Solo” “Cancion Del Preso” “Cuarenta Anos” and many more.

His awards are too numerous to mention, but it will always be his National Endowment of the Arts award presented by President Bill Clinton that will stand out as his most historic award.  A true legend and a one of a kind entertainer, the legacy of Tony De La Rosa will live on forever in this digitally remastered collection of Lo Mejor De Tony De La Rosa.


Track Listing

1. Cuando Ensenes Los Anos          

2. Mejor Solo

3. Cancion Del Preso

4. Me He De Preso

5. Senora

6. Hablando Con Franqueza

7. Suspirando

8. Arbol Viejo

9. Cuarenta Años

10. Nuestro Aniversario



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