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Pio Trevño y Majic - The Best of Pio

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Certainly one of the brightest stars in Tejano music history is Grammy award nominee, Pio Trevino.  Along with his group Majic, he has helped shape Tejano Music as we know it today.  Few artists can boast the fame and longevity that Pio Treviño Y Majic has enjoyed. 

Starting as a vocalist in the early 70’s for regional groups such as Los Exitos and Sangre Chicana, Pio drew national attention when he became lead vocalist for La Movida in 1979.  In the mid 80’s Pio took his lead vocal talents and formed his own group, which he called Majic.  Since the formation of Majic, almost three decades ago, Pio Trevino has packed dance halls and arenas throughout Texas and the rest of the United States.  He remains in constant demand and performs throughout the Unites States on a regular basis. 

Hacienda Records now proudly presents a one of a kind compilation featuring “Pio Trevino” not only as a vocalist and band leader, but also a composer, as this CD represents all original Pio Trevino compositions.  Many of these songs were Pio’s biggest hits and will remain Tejano classics forever.   All these songs are digitally remasterd and appear on CD together in one compilation for the first time. Highlights include “Dejate De Estar Sufriendo”, Muy Enamorado, Te Quiero A Ti, Se Acabo and many others.  Enjoy the master vocalist, songwriter and entertainer “Pio Trevino all on this CD entitled “The Best of Pio Trevino Y Majic”


Track Listing:

1. Te Quiero A Ti

2. Dejate De Estar Sufriendo

3. Muy Enamorado

4. Se Acabo

5. Quien Nomas

6. No Me Niegas Tu Querer

7. Piensalo

8. Quiero Quererte

9. Dichosos Tu y Yo

10. It's Majic


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