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Los Arcos - Los Originales

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Hacienda Records proudly presents the brand new CD compilation by “Los Arcos – Hermanos Pena” entitled “Los Origionales”. 

Los Arcos Hermanos Peña, originally from Indiana, relocated to Dimmitt, Texas in the early 70’s. From that time till now, this family group led by original members, Luis and Gerardo Peña, attributes the strong family bond as the sustaining force that drives and maintains their music

The group began recording at Hacienda in the mid eighty’s and continue to present day.  This CD compilation features the groups “original” compositions along with those of close friends and family members.  It is this music that established their presence as true Conjunto entertainers.  The group is as active today as in years past and continues to travel throughout Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, and North Carolina. “Music is our life,” says Luis Peña. “We don’t have another job; therefore we give our all, to our music.”  Los Arcos have been featured several times on “The Johnny Canales Show” and “The Placido Salazar Show”, as well as other syndicated TV shows.  

This new CD contains 10 digitally remastered recordings, all of which demonstrate the strong family harmonies and tight performances that come from years of experience as a group.  Highlights include: “No Cumpli” “No Pienses Regresar”, “Ahora Vete” and other group composed compositions, all performed in the traditional conjunto style which includes rancheras, cumbias, boleros and even a polka.



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