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Juan Guerrero | The Last Sheekano

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Hacienda Records presents the brand new release by a true Tejano legend, Juan Guerrero entitled “The Last Sheekano”.  It was Juan Guerrero Y Los Sheekanos that recorded a string of hits back in the early 80’s, during the “Golden Years Of Tejano”.   Songs like “Con Dinero No” and of course “Ya Te Vi” were a few of their early hits.  “Ya Te Vi” went on to be recorded by Elsa Garcia, however it was Juan Guerrero who composed the classic and who originally recorded it.

In recent years, Juan Guerrero has stayed close to his Tejano Roots.   Making his home in the Rio Grande Valley, he spends most of his time playing his guitar and composing music in the same “Los Sheekanos” tradition as his early days.

Talking great pride in keeping his music authentic, Juan refers to himself as “The Last Sheekano” and this new CD with all brand new music will prove to be a continuation of his musical style that he made famous in the 80’s.

Juan Guerrero has begun performing again along with his children who participate as the current members of “Los Sheekanos”.  Tejano fans in the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo and other parts of Texas are now seeing Juan Guerrero at local festivals and concerts.

With his music being largely guitar driven, Juan refers to his music as “polka rock” and consists of rancheras, cumbias and baladas.  Highlights from this CD include: “Corazones Rotos”, “Me Voy A Casar” “Candy Baby” and many others. 


Track Listing

1. El Culpable Soy Yo

2. Corazones Rotos

3. Como Pelota

4. Me Voy A Casar

5. Candy Baby

6. Que No Me Quieres

7. Nuestro Aniversario

8. Amor De Fin De Semana

9. Vestido De Novia

10. Donde Esta Papa



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