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La Martina y Conjunto La Suerte - El Corrido de Roberto Ruiz Castilla

Stock #: HAC-8411

La Martina Y Conjunto La Suerte present their brand new CD entitled “El Corrido de Roberto Ruiz Castilla”.

From the South Texas city of Beeville, Texas, Martina Garcia aka “La Martina” has been performing for over three decades.  She was recently inducted into the Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame as Female Vocalist.  In addition to her talents as lead singer, “La Martina” also composes most of her own material.  This CD contains many such songs composed by Martina herself.  She and her group, Conjunto La Suerte, perform on a weekly basis throughout the South Texas region.  Highlights from this tradional conjunto CD  include:  Para Ti Mi Vida, Hoy Te Vi Pasar and of course the title track “Corrido DE Roberto Ruiz Castilla.    

Track Listing:

  1. El Corrido De Roberto Ruiz Castilla
  2. Tano Cumbia
  3. El Corrido De Alejandro Soliz
  4. El Corrido De Jacinto Carbajal
  5. El Corrido De Lydia Vásquez
  6. Madrecita Querida
  7. Hoy Te Vi Pasar
  8. Imposible Que Regreses
  9. El Yogero
  10. Para Ti Mi Vida


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